Monday, October 22, 2012

Tres Leches Cafe/Bakery

As I made my way to the former Bakery Moderne cafe on Stockton (right down from Bold Bean) I was pleased to see it's vibrant transformation. The inside had a pleasant, "fresh" vibe with improved display cases and Bakery art on the walls (my favorite kind of art). I was planning on ordering the creamy zucchini pumpkin soup but they were out, so I decided on the broccoli cheddar soup and a ham and cheese sandwich. The employees there are very pleasant and the owner is very proud of their artisian spinach sandwich bread (which they bake fresh daily).

The sandwich was tasty, although I think the bread is too biscuit-like to hold up for sandwich bread. The soup was more like a pureed broccoli soup with a cup of cheddar cheese on the side (not the creamy, cheesy soup I was expecting).

For dessert I had to try the res leches! It had a really nice, creamy flavor and I liked the texture of the cake. My only complaint is that I wish the cake was slightly thicker and there was less whipped topping. All in all a very nice little cafe.

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